Slotomania coins and best ways to get them
Are you interested in doing a little bit of gambling and don't know where to start? Ideally, for those who have an addiction going to a real casino can end up being one of the worst decisions of their life. However, there are other ways to deal with an addiction. One of these ways is to play slot machines that don't require real money. The only thing that you will be spending is your time. And while others prefer to use their free time doing other things, there is nothing wrong with having a go at a slot machine once in a while. The final question remaining is this – which game to play? While there are plenty of different slot machine games online, one of them stands out in particular. When it comes to finding proper free online slots it is usually a struggle, because many websites might scam you. Slotomania, a game on Facebook, has more than ten million likes and is among the most popular games the social media giant has. The creation by Playtika LTD does not have a real currency and uses in-game coins, called Slotomania coins.

While it is widely known that older people have more free time and look for ways to spend it, Slotmania is popular among all groups of age. If you want to spin some virtual levers, this one is definitely what you want. Moreover, there is a leveling system that unlocks different games. So the more you play, the wider the variety is. And as far as marketing and reaching potential new players go, diversity goes a long way. You will also see a notable progress, another attractive part of any game.

While the game is not played using real money, there are still moments of greatness if you manage to roll a big win. However, winning a large prize occurs only occasionally, so don't expect to flow in coins.

What makes Slotomania so attractive?

To begin with, it is available on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. It is addictive. After all, the game is about gambling, and everyone knows how addictive that can be. If you don't think that this game is so popular, consider this – there are about one hundred and seventy thousand people who are actively playing this game every single day. You have bright and shiny colors which are catchy to the eye. You have a system that lets you send gifts to other players and receive them. You have something that is played by thousand of people, and they share their results, hooking others as a result of their success.
As far as Slotomania coins go, some people believe that there is a cheat to get more of the game currency. That is not the case. Everything you see is spammers who want to make money once you click their links. The only way to get coins is playing and receiving gifts from other players.

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